question 1

our minds are naturally geared towards the use of labels; labels and categories help us make sense of the world. however, when labels are applied to people they can be incredibly limiting and can prevent us from really seeing and understanding each other. jason described this when he said, ‘as a young black man you have 19 things that people know about you before you get to introduce yourself’.

share a moment where you have labeled someone and they surprised you.

question 2

As Nauman says, ‘some labels are chains and some labels are wings’.

Share an example of labels being either ‘chains’ or ‘wings’.

question 3

Tammy said, ‘I used to feel shame about my labels but now I wear them proudly’. Jaideep said, ‘when someone labels me I use it as an opportunity’. These unapologetic individuals have found ways to transform their relationship to the labels that were imposed on them, and in turn, have made it easier for others to transcend their own labels.

What is one action you can take to help create an environment at work, school, or in life where others can bring their whole selves?

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